Brainwave Watch General FAQ

Created by John G. Hookway, Modified on Mon, 19 Sep, 2022 at 2:33 PM by John G. Hookway

Can I send an alert at any time?

Yes. Simply press the emergency button on the app (bottom right corner).   The app will immediately send an alert.


What happens if I find myself outside the internet reception area?

If we find we can’t reach your app on the internet, we will let your friends know about this condition. Otherwise, you can always temporarily suspend the service from your app.


Can I have multiple alarms on the app?

Yes, you can have up to 10 alarms a day


I’m going to travel. Will the app reset itself to a different time zone? 

Yes, it’ll automatically adjust the time zone.


How long have I got to swipe the app and say I’m okay after the alarm goes off? 

You’ve got up to 40 minutes and you can set that time on your alarms panel on the alarms page, that response time.


Can I have multiple friends?

Yes, you can have up to 10.


How do I invite friends?

Friends’ can be invited from the invite button on the bottom of the app (hand and heart icon). We basically need a telephone number and email and name and then we will send out an invitation to your friends and facilitators describing the service.


Do I need to add a lot of information about someone to add them as a friend? 

No, we simply need an email and a telephone number, and a name even if it’s only a nickname or a first name.


I just changed the settings on my control panel. How long will it take to update the app? 

Usually, about 15 minutes or less, and the app will be updated with your new alarm settings.


Is my information safe?

Yes. We have Bank-grade data protection and comply with the best industry standards to ensure the security of your data.


How do I add an alarm? 

On your control panel, there is an alarm page where an alarm can be set.


What happens after an alarm? 

At the time of an alarm, the app will start making noises, vibrate, and create lights to attract your attention. You can then swipe the app to show that you are okay. Otherwise, unless, this is done within your response time, then an alert will be sent to your friends and family.



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